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All our pickups are hand wound and hand built in the UK.
They're made by our friends at Wizard & in our opinion there's nothing better...

If the pickups we offer aren't exactly to your tastes,
let us know & we'll help you find the sound you're after.

Simple effective - old is best, dc for Bridge 8.6 k ohms with the neck coming in around 8.2 k ohms these pickups are a great replacements for vintage pickups or for those who want that vintage sound without 'vintage costs'. Supplied with cloth covered cables and black covers.

Darker, bassier and generally dirtier than the Sixty-Fours, these pickups are overwound to lower the overall tone. Loud and proud these pickups will drive any group. The bridge has a dc of 11.5kohms and the neck 11.0 k ohms. Complete with black covers and black and white hook-up wires.

Struggling to get that dark crunchy tone you've always wanted? Lacking that oomph to get you over the line? Look no further, Hammers are loud dark and dirty, yet retain conventional construction - handwound, Alnico 5 magnets and attention to detail.

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