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Volume Eleven aims to provide quality instruments, using only the finest British built pickups and crafted from quality materials by experienced professionals.  All this is aimed at the working musician. We do not spend a fortune on advertising; instead we prefer to focus solely on the development and quality of our products.

You may not have heard of us before, but we have been building and customising guitars for a select clientele for many years.  Now it is time to allow the public to have access to our products.

All our guitars are hand built in the UK and fitted with the finest British hand wound pick-ups and strings. Feel free to browse our website and view all the parts we have to offer.

A quick word from our founders...

J. Mudie - Co-Founder & Company Director
I have been involved in the music scene for the last 10 years. At the same time as being a regular gigging musician, I have gained three qualifications in both professional musicianship and audio sciences.

As a young person I initially fell into the hype of buying the big names, not just in the music industry but in life generally. It is only with time that I now look deeper. I have watched others spending time to produce instruments, sometimes not understanding why they spent so much effort on small details. I now understand having changed from an expensive working drum kit to a custom hand built kit from a little known custom builder. The difference in playability and detail to the sound is what these people strive to achieve. This is what I and the team at Volume Eleven are passionate about.

D. Mudie - Co-Founder & Technical Director
Like most I started playing in my youth, building my first Bass when I was 15, then around 1972 I purchased a brand new famous named bass.  I used this for many years but always had the feeling it was made in a hurry and not as good as it could have been.  This was confirmed when I took it to the legendry John Birch (check him out on the web) who showed me the way he made guitars.

Guitars should be played, my aim with Volume Eleven is to build the most playable, reliable and best sounding instruments I can whilst maintain a cost most working musicians can afford. Oh yes, they should look good too.

The Pickups.

Although not the only part of the Bass to influence its sound it certainly has a major impact.  I have used Wizard pickups for some years now and like their philosophy, plus to date I have not found any finer. If you cannot find the sound you are looking for below we can have custom wounds made to order.

Simple effective - old is best, dc for Bridge 8.6 k ohms with the neck coming in around 8.2 k ohms these pickups are a great replacements for vintage pickups or for those who want that vintage sound without 'vintage costs'. Supplied with cloth covered cables and black covers.

Darker, bassier and generally dirtier than the Sixty-Fours, these pickups are overwound to lower the overall tone. Loud and proud these pickups will drive any group. The bridge has a dc of 11.5kohms and the neck 11.0 k ohms. Complete with black covers and black and white hook-up wires.

Struggling to get that dark crunchy tone you've always wanted? Lacking that oomph to get you over the line? Look no further, Hammers are loud dark and dirty, yet retain conventional construction - handwound, Alnico 5 magnets and attention to detail.

All our pickups are hand wound and hand built in the UK.
They're made by our friends at
Wizard & in our opinion there's nothing better...

If the pickups we offer aren't exactly to your tastes, let us know and we'll help you find the sound you're after.

JB range.

Flame Maple Neck

Our JB range feature Alder Bodies, a choice of Hard Rock Maple or Flame Maple necks with block inlay on Rosewood  fretboards,  Wizard Pickups and either Gold coloured or Chrome Hardware.

Two Volume and One Tone control keep things simple using full size pots and PIO capacitors (ex Russian military Paper In Oil capacitors) delivering the best signal we can so your amp has something good to work with.

Prices range from  £610 to £675 for the standard range depending on scratch plate, hardware, pickup and neck combinations which equates to over 200 choices.

Strings are also UK manufactured.

All of these are hand built and setup in our Worcestershire workshop just South West of Birmingham

V101 range.  

Choose either 4 or 5 string versions of our thru neck designs.  Wizard pickups, Alder bodies with Maple, Mahogany necks with a choice of colours or maple fronted natural.

Same choice of Wizard pickups for either  4 or 5 string versions, with the  same simple electronics as the JB with chrome hardware.

Smaller and lighter than the JB but with a fully usable 24 frets these offer a genuine choice to the normal range of instruments.

Prices range from £610 to £650 depending upon pickup choice and number of strings.

Thru neck.

Alder wings with Mahogany/Maple neck.

To arrive at the ideal instrument we need to find out exactly what you require be it looks, feel, sound like . This is best achieved by talking directly so please do not hesitate to call us on one of the numbers above.

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Latest News.

Volume Eleven would like to welcome Rock Star Guitars of Black Heath as our official Midlands stockist of Built Volume Eleven Basses. Check them out at
We prefer to deal with small independent retailers who take the time to ensure you buy the instrument you want or need and not just what they have in stock. Every time you walk in their shop their reputation is on the line and so is ours.


Just a nice shot of 4 almost finished Basses (Strap locks missing off 2).

Trio of oiled JBs  again strap locks missing.

2 chrome and 1 gold hardware

The White collection

I spent two months carefully oiling this one and then was told to ‘relic’ it.

Looks ok though and has bags of character.

Black with ‘Chromed’ scratchplate on the workbench.
Half built white

Our ‘New’ 5 string.


Alder body, Mahogany/Maple necks, Wizard pickups.

Back of our ‘New’ 5 string.


Alder body, Mahogany/Maple necks, Wizard pickups.


Showing copper lined control panel and electronics.

4 string version of the new range with Maple face to body.


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